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Domestic pellet heating with pelletburner
Welcome to Varmebaronen - the place to look for your new pelletburner! Varmebaronen is the Swedish market leader in domestic heating and electric elements. Our wide product range includes pellet burner and pellet heating, easy to clean firewood boilers used together with an accumulator tank. We offer electric boilers. If you need to change your oil burner, take a closer look at Viking Pro, renowned for its reliability and good economy. If you are looking for electric heating, we have a wide array of electric boilers. We also have a wide range of electric cartridges and electric elements. We are market leaders in this area. Our products deliver what they promise, welcome!

Logistics and call centre
Aditro Logistics is the Nordic region?s leading carrier-independent contract logistics provider. Efficient third party logistics lies at the heart of our business. However, we are also well aware that circumstances and needs vary greatly from industry to industry. This is why our services are specifically based on our clients? operations. We combine efficient logistics management and value-adding supplementary services to provide industry-specific, integrated logistics solutions. Call centre - Over the years, we have learned that scalability, flexibility, integrated technical solutions and the ability to develop the customer dialogue are the key concerns of our clients call centres and contact centres. Many of them also require us to offer a common solution for the whole of the Nordic region, i.e. a single point of contact.
Contract and Third Party Logistics, Customer services, Technical support, Telesales, Contact centre -call centre

Motion capture
Qualisys - For 20 years, Qualisys has provided superior optical motion capture systems. Qualisys marker based technology is precise, robust in real-time and delivers high quality 3D-data indoor, outdoor or underwater. The new generation of cameras from Qualisys represents a major technological breakthrough in combining high performance, user friendliness and flexibility. In addition to the precision and real time marker generation, the cameras are also capable of recording high-speed, high-resolution video.

Båtcharter & Charterbåtar
Upplev Stockholms skärgård. REMI Charter erbjuder båtcharter och båtuthyrning i Stockholms skärgård med omnejd. Hyr någon av våra charterbåtar för tex konferens, kick off och bröllop. Ombord finns whiteboard, blädderblock, och OH utrustning. Vi har även högtalaranläggning i samtliga utrymmen.

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